Home Window Cleaning

“Windows so clean… you’ll think they’re open”. . .
With time and weather, windows become dirty. When windows become dirty you can’t enjoy the reason they are there. Let in the light and the view of an inspiring world outside, and make that view last with a professional window cleaning service that uses state of the art techniques to make your “clearview” last. From the cleaning solutions, to the equipment used by Western Clearview, the crews and techniques are cutting edge and always acknowledge the science behind being the best window washers available. Trust the best to keep your windows at their best, year round. Clean windows inspire; from the moment you wake up and look to the world, to the moment the sun light fades and darkness fills the sky. Proudly offering professional services out of Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore of the Bay Area’s Tri-Valley. The best home Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning and Home Prep in the East Bay Area

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Home Window Restoration

We have many homeowners that come to us and ask if we have a product that will help remove the “stains” from their windows.  We also have window replacement partners that refer a homeowner to us because their dog has been scratching at the door and they think they need to replace the entire door to remove the scratches.  There is a common misconception that “Hard Water Stains” are “Stains” that can be removed using harsh products. The truth is that those “Stains” are actually etchings, like scratches in the glass, and cannot be removed without altering the window surface or replacing the window altogether.

Glass Restoration is the process of restoring the glass in a window or a door to its original quality.  Many homeowners have tried well-marketed products or have been told the only option they have is to replace the glass.  This is not always the case. Using a Glass Restoration process, our highly trained and experienced technicians can remove those etchings and help make the window look better than new, without having to spend the money on replacing your windows.

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Home Gutter Cleaning

Let Western Clearview take the worry and the risk away from you. Water damage is often discovered when it is too late. If gutters and drainage systems are not kept clear, they will be noticed by gutters overflowing and creating waterfalls from the eves.  However, unless this waterfall is released over the front door or a common window the homeowner looks through while it rains, the issue is not found early enough and water often pools and soaks into integral structural components costing the property owner thousands of dollars and hours of time and mess to fix the problem. Most homeowners have very difficult or hard to reach gutters. After all, the house was not designed to be maintained; according to some architects, a house was designed to be lived in, then maintained by professionals with the correct tools and knowledge.  Let Western Clearview:

  • Reduce the safety risk of cleaning the gutters
  • Help avoid any maintenance costs associated with clogged gutters
  • By providing a roof inspection report that identifies any issues with the current roof condition

Gutter Guards for Homeowners

Every homeowner knows cleaning gutters is a messy and dangerous job. The idea of taking out the ladder and maneuvering around landscaping is a dreadful and time-consuming task. As homeowners move up in age, the work involved in cleaning gutters can make this chore almost impossible.
This is why we believe in Gutter Guards for protecting your gutters. If your maintenance costs are through the roof when cleaning your gutters, you might consider protecting those gutters by using a gutter guard.

Benefits of using Gutter Guards

  • Gutter Guards erase the need to have gutter maintenance done year after year thereby eliminating maintenance costs for your gutters.
  • They keep the water from causing water damage issues to your home and foundation, which means you avoid unplanned or unforeseen maintenance costs to your property.
  • They keep water from overflowing from the roof, which is unsettling and dangerous.

We are dealers and installers of two main gutter guard systems available to you: RainFlo and Slim Guard. We have spent many years working on gutters and based on our experience, these systems are the best in the market, hands down.

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Home Holiday Lights Hanging

Most property owners have a vision of how to bring the holiday spirit alive at their house, and yet very few have the time or money to actually make that vision a reality. At Western Clearview, we work with you to understand your vision, create a plan based on best practices, and work diligently to bring that plan to life. Our customers have been able to:

  • Decrease of holiday light budget by 20%
  • Use energy efficient, high quality lighting that saves on power costs and energy used
  • Eliminate the time, frustration, and all the risks of the installation and choice of lighting supplies

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