Partners/Referral Customers

Whether someone is a Realtor, a Property Manager, a member of a Home Owner Association, a neighbor, or anyone who benefits from sparkling windows, Western Clearview is partner to many businesses, associations, and neighborhoods acting as a consultant and maintenance team, to keep the property sparkling year round. Many people need help bringing a property up to an acceptable or “show quality”. Western Clearview recognizes our clients as partners in keeping the world around us sparkling. With referral reward programs, multi-service discounts, and preventative maintenance programs; there are many ways to partner with the company to take the worry of cost and the liability off your mind.

Real Estate Agent Services

When a house is sold it is often based on emotion. How your buyer feels about a house is almost always inspired by their first impression. A first impression can take your guest from “potential buyer” to “happy home owner” in an instant. Clean, Sparkling Window systems and clean exteriors, drives and walks have a huge impact. Try it out.  Sell a house fast for the best price.

Property Manager Services

The sparkle in the property is everything to your bottom line. Property managers get referrals and get raises when their properties look impeccable. Stop the endless stress involved in making sure the correct decision is always made, about who to hire, and when you should do the service. Let Western Clearview use their expertise to put your property on a preventative maintenance schedule or try them for any service to see their knowledge bring a sparkle to your property first hand.

Homeowner Association Conglomerates (HOA)

Homeowner Associations are generally run by the opinions and votes of a board. This board is voted in by the greater community to support the interests of that community. The only problem with this concept, is getting everyone together in the same place to make decisions to benefit all and make everyone happy, based on shared information and opinions. By hiring one company to undertake multiple necessary maintenance tasks at prescheduled intervals, easily managed by a predetermined, shared schedule, the association will save time, energy, and money by making the decision once with one company. Partner with Western Clearview to take the worry away. Manage all window systems, gutter, downspout, and drainage systems, as well as building exterior cleanliness and ground surfaces maintenance in one breath with one call.